06 October 2011

the weather is here, wish you were beautiful.

I'm migrating to Tumblr in honor of my recent relocation to sunny Majuro. Check out http://thejduce.tumblr.com for the new Pandora's Box.

14 September 2011

a new chapter.

My dissertation is submitted and I've returned my books via suitcase to the library. I'm officially (most likely) never going to be a student again and, barring a disastrous dissertation, will soon be the proud owner of a master's degree from Scotland's oldest university. Freedom!What's next, you ask? Well, I'm glad you did. I'm moving to Majuro, Marshall Islands to work as the Program Administrator for a national youth health organization! Yes, that's right - a year on a small atoll in the middle of the ocean. Can anyone say 'seafood fest'?

But first, I'm off to Bra, Italy (in Piedmont) for...wait for it...a cheese festival. Yes. I will be attending an event that includes something called 'The Great Hall of Cheese' and 800 wines to sample. It seems a fitting way to depart for an atoll without the space, soil, or vegetation to feed livestock to produce milk to make cheese. My life is absurd.

In honor of this exciting new phase of my life, I'm going to retire from Blogger and migrate over to Tumblr because I feel like I should take more photos and Tumblr seems friendlier for that. Plus it's time to embrace new technology.

So look out for more pictures and less rambling. Okay, probably the same amount of rambling, but hopefully I've grown pithier and wittier over the years. So for future adventures abroad, check out the new Pandora's Box, soon to be filled with gluttonous photos of cheese. And then the ocean. And possibly even me working, but let's not get too crazy.