09 February 2010

snowed in.

I've been snowed in since Friday afternoon and the novelty is wearing off. It's beautiful to look at and two days off of work is never terrible, but I'm getting cabin fever. But the Metro's back today, even though the federal government's not, so I'm going to wander around the Mall and take photos. Anything to get out of the house. Especially considering that more snow is coming tonight...

In other news, the much-anticipated Tebow/Focus on the Family commercial aired. It was worth absolutely none of the hype, but the FoF marketing team gets a prize for creating controversy and guaranteeing everyone watched that ad (but then they get their prize revoked for spreading bigotry and inaccurate information). If they hadn't, it would have been one more ad in the mix, and not even a particularly interesting one. If you weren't familiar with Focus on the Family (which I'd bet a sizable portion of Superbowl-watchers weren't before the media hype began), it would have been just one more reason to make fun of Tim Tebow for bringing emotions into the manly sport of football. (Don't get me wrong, I'm a Gator and love the boy's football skills, but I think he should keep his politics out of the game. Raise money for the foundation and your values on your own time. Capitalizing on his celebrity is fine, everyone does it, but not on the job.) Epic fail for the women's groups who protested the ad and raised its profile and epic fail for FoF for blowing 2.5 million (est.) dollars on thirty seconds when there are families who could use real support. If I were them, I would have rode the publicity bandwagon leading up to the Superbowl, leaked the ad so it would end up on Youtube, and hence on the news, and just reveled in the free media. Good thing they didn't ask me.

One perk to being back in a country with no state-controlled internet: PostSecret. I also think flowers are for people who don't know what the industry does to the environment and water supplies in the developing world. Some grain field in Ethiopia is drying up because water went to the flower farms instead. I don't mean to sound preachy, I just feel really strongly about unnecessary waste.

Happy National Condom Week/Valentine's Day! This year, tell someone how much you love them in your own words and actions. It'll mean more to them, even if it's less poetic.