20 December 2008

the ecstasy of being free.

Merry Christmas!

I've realized what it is I miss about home. Anonymity. Or just individuality. Knowing that whatever I say or do won't be extended to every other American/young/female/white/ suburban/Polish/atheist/vegetarian/middle-class/sad music-loving/educated/ sarcastic/southern/liberal/brunette person. The ability to represent my country was part of what attracted me to the Peace Corps, but sometimes I miss just representing Jessica. When I could just have a bad day and not worry that I was fostering anti-Americanism by not discussing the weather with every person on the street. Part of what makes me want to represent America abroad is that we're proud of what makes us different, that conformity (besides to unreasonable physical standards of beauty, that is) isn't valued - I miss that. So on that note, Merry Christmas! Celebrate in your own weird way and be thankful you don't have to explain or justify it to anyone.

Dad, Grandpa, Mary Ann, and Sinead, I got your Christmas mail - thanks!

-dried fruit (apples, cranberries, or cherries)
-original cheddar goldfish crackers
-non-refrigerated cheese
-sourdough pretzel nuggets
-sour cream & chives noodles
-sour jelly bellys

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