18 October 2008

i don't want to be adored for what i merely represent.

This week I met with Susie and Pat, two of the VSOs, about our 1000
pounds to spend. We've decided to have a week of seminars, one long
one for teachers, talking about stigma and the role of community
leaders, and one (well, a lot) for the approximately 4000 students,
with more of a focus on prevention. Since we have money, we're going
to bring in some speakers and have refreshments so people will be
motivated to stick around. And of course, testing from the hospital
or health center. From there, we're going to recruit interested
students to form a peer educator group that will become the backbone
of the Anti-AIDS club, who will then run future seminars for new
students. We're so sustainable. Once we cover per diems, copies,
shay buna, etc, we're spending the rest on condoms since the teacher's
college is out on the edge of town and far from the health center and
NGO offices that distribute free condoms. I'm super excited - these
women are great and very dedicated to HIV and gender programming.
Then we had a lunch party at Pat's house, which is approximately the
size of four PCV houses combined. Massive living room/dining room
bigger than my entire house, two bedrooms, a bathroom with a water
heater, internet access, and a kitchen, also bigger than mine.
Jealous doesn't even begin to cover it. I'd settle for just the water

I'm joining the Tae Kwon Do club in Assela. This could well turn out
to be even more fascinating then me buying a chicken. Then I promptly
sprained my ankle on a run and hence had to delay my "sparring with
small children" debut. Damn. My grant money for the prison farm
finally came through - in the form of a check that has to be picked up
in person in Addis. At least I get a hot shower or two, good food,
and the chance to go grocery shopping. Two weeks ago, an evaluation
team from Peace Corps DC came to talk to volunteers and visit sites.
Thanks to this blog, a member of the team (hi!) was thoroughly amused
by my profound love for cheddar goldfish crackers. She didn't think
they'd travel well, so she brought us chocolate instead. Our love is
so easy to buy.

I was watching some Southpark after a day of crappy children and found
myself suddenly nostalgic for the holiday season after the Mr.
Hankey's Christmas Classics episode. So I spent the afternoon
listening to my collection of Christmas music. Between this and last
week's sudden craving for shiro wat, I think I might be going round
the bend.

-reese's peanut butter cups
-freeze dried mangoes
-original cheddar goldfish crackers
-powdered drink flavorings (gatorade, crystal light, etc)
-hot cocoa mix
-non-refrigerated cheese products
-dried seasonings
-sourdough pretzel nuggets
-sour jelly bellys
-baking products (chocolate chips, frosting, mixes, etc)

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