15 August 2008

living well is the best revenge.

First sessions with the prisoners were great. They made a captive,
curious audience, even without an armed guard in sight. The following
day, a group were convoying (by foot) into town and those in my class
said hi to me. I felt loved. They had some entertaining questions:
"If a person with HIV uses a condom and throws it away, then a chicken
eats it (not out of the questions - there are no garbage services here
and the chickens run free), will you get HIV from the eggs?" Good
times all around.

Later that first day, I discussed HIV prevention with my English class
and I was betam (very) proud when two of them figured out why women
are at higher risk for HIV transmission. (If you don't know, you
should write me a letter and I'll explain it to you.) One of the guys
asked if masturbation was bad for you. I said it was sex with someone
you love. Well, I think Woody Allen said it first, but they had no
way of knowing. Half the class didn't know what it was (or pretended
not to, it's still pretty taboo here), so it resulted in a
particularly entertaining episode of charades. My life is absurd

Fun Fact: It takes approximately 4 hours to download a 52.8 MB file on
a dial-up internet connection. I don't want to talk about it.

re: Beijing '08 - go USA!

-Kraft mac and cheese
-Gillette Venus razor refills
-original cheddar goldfish crackers
-instant broccoli cheddar soup mix
-non-refrigerated cheese products
-gummi Lifesavers

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