09 July 2008

for it irony, for the thrill of it, for everything that mattered.

Week two of language class: Censorship. Once I explained the term to
everyone (teacher included) - a fact that I think says more than the
discussion ever could - we had a lively discussions, much of it
focused on the famine and former Derg government. I won't go into
more detail, but read the article I linked to in my previous post.

Week three: Comprehensive v abstinence only sex ed. Everyone should
be well aware of my feelings on this matter, so suffice it to say that
if certain policy makers had consulted much of the world before
implementing PEPFAR, we'd be looking at a very different (and much
more effective) HIV-prevention program on this continent. Alas.

The prison program is off to a good start - thanks to the health
center, testing is in progress and everyone is surprisingly eager to
volunteer for testing. I'm working on a proposal to fund vegetable
farming and chicken coops for the HIV-positive prisoners - nutritional
support, income generation, and job training. Next month, we'll start
weekly small-group discussion classes, which will hopefully eventually
expand into a peer education program, but that's tricky since it's
such a transient population. Even if they're just bringing prevention
education back to their hometowns, that's progress.

I'm off to Bahir Dar, Gonder, and Lalibela for the next 10 days - back
in Assela 20 July. I'll be taking my first domestic Ethiopian
Airlines flight. Wish me luck. Although, given that Ethiopia is the
most dangerous place in the world to ride in a car, I'm looking
forward to my first peaceful transport experience in 9 months.

24 is only getting more stressful. I read Tucker Max's I Hope They
Serve Beer in Hell and almost peed myself. Degrading, offensive, but
oh-so-hilarious. Wouldn't recommend it for fathers though.

I learned to make cornmeal pancakes, which puts me halfway to arepas,
one of my favorite foods. Now all I need is a regular supply of
cheese. I also successfully had pants made in Assela, thus solving my
increasingly hole-y and baggy pants problem. Victory.

Ruby, thanks for the excellent reading material!

-Vanilla frosting
-Gummi LIfesavers
-Non-refrigerated cheese products
-Original cheddar goldfish crackers
-Kraft mac and cheese
-Dried fruit
-Right Guard extreme stick deodorant
-Gillette Venus razor blade refills

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Jenna said...

Jess- John says most of the stuff on your wishlist is on the way. We just sent a box =)