15 September 2007

fuzzy logic in the crazy rain.

If it turns out I'm wrong about this whole god and heaven thing, hell will be an eternal flight into Orlando, full of hyperactive children pissed off about why the plane isn't leaving RIGHT NOW for Disney World while their parents bicker over everything from how to fold the stroller to Mickey souvenirs. Maybe I'm jaded because I grew up here, but it just doesn't seem all that great to me.

Peace Corps moved up our departure, so we're now leaving 3 October instead of 5. Wow. Less than three weeks until I'm in DC getting my shots and safety crash course, and three weeks from today I'll be on a plane over the Atlantic, en route to two years of no electricity and a charming outhouse. I can't wait!

My other favorite volunteer program is Teach for America. My friend MacKenzie is teaching in inner-city Philadelphia and is raising money to add some technology to his classroom. Donate here. Every little bit helps, and I assure you, this is the worthiest of causes.

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