17 July 2007

the world requires no audience.

Just when I'd hit a new low, I discovered that cheese fondue is indeed procurable in Jordan, and a mere two minutes from my apartment. It was an emotional moment for me and Candace. To add to the excitement, three days ago I discovered that the Mrs. Fields and Pretzel Time at Mecca Mall has, after six long months of teasing, begun producing the soft pretzels they advertise. With the processed cheese nachos at the movie theater, what more could a girl possibly need?

My new class of both GRE and SAT students are much brighter than the last ones, which is reassuring. I have an engineer who wants to go to UF and an Iraqi linguist who's fluent in French, English, and Arabic. I've been living in the richest and most stable country in the world - what the hell have I been doing with my life?

We're losing two more friends next week, which brings us down to just Candace, Fleming, and me. I leave in a month - the derka family will officially become a diaspora. But, it turns out I have one friend in the states who loves me enough to come visit between trips to Thailand and Greece. Or he just wants free housing, but I'm okay with being used.

My friend James leaves for Peace Corps Benin today. We're planning a trip to Madagascar so I can kidnap...I mean see... my beloved lemurs. A random Ethiopian guy found our PC facebook group and sent us all a message telling us how happy he was that the Peace Corps was coming back to his country - talk about a heartwarming moment. It reminds me of that time last summer when people thanked me for studying the Middle East (until they decided I was actually a racist imperialist). It was nice while it lasted.

In one month, I'll be in Oxford for an old Semester at Sea friend's wedding, then back in the free world on August 21. My, how time flies. I'll also graduate sometime in there, providing I finish (start?) a psychology paper on the developmental impact of sexual apartheid in Jordan. I have six months of anecdotal evidence, but at some point I'm going to have to read some real research to give my work some validity, I suppose.

I think I may have found Jesus. Or just satire good enough to rival The Onion.

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