15 June 2007

the sound of the hopeless ones.

Check out this fascinating blog. It's a collection of "strange maps," some combining odd concepts and others just plain weird. The current one is a map of the US, relabeled with countries with similar GDPs. Thought provoking.

It's been a week of teaching GRE prep, and my students still haven't figured out that not only do I not have a college degree, I've also never taken the exam. Victory. I had to explain what a jury was. I suppose when you live in a country conveniently lacking an independent judiciary, such concepts are rather foreign. Quixotic also proved rather challenging for thirteen people who had never read Cervantes. And did you know that "vim" means energy and "prolix" means wordy? Yeah, me either. After this experience, I'm considering just taking the GRE - chances are, I'll never be more prepared than I am today. I just have to make sure I don't blow my cover and take it at the same time as my students. All of whom are significantly older than I am, save the one girl who's an undergraduate at...wait for it...Florida State University. Cue "It's a Small World After All."

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Joey said...

Vim is from the latin "vis" which can mean "force or energy".. it's what you get for taking 5 years of Latin.. oyyyy..

:) -Joey