01 May 2007

words aren't meant for anyone.

Sorry I fell off the planet there for a bit, we had a three-day weekend in honor of International Worker's Day (technically today, but observed on Sunday to fully benefit from the day off). I guess there are perks to living in countries with less contentious relationships with Communism. I've been frequenting the dance festival performances as well. Some good, some odd (well, it's comtemporary dance, so they're all a little odd), some not-so-good. The Tunisian choreographer let me down, but the Serbians were great. Netherlands on Thursday, and then it's back to a world devoid of modern dance. But, I'm now officially a water aerobics instructor for the Dead Sea Marriott. Friday afternoons lounging by the pool at one of Jordan's best resorts, only getting up for a brief stint leading children and old ladies in my best imitation of sea creatures. Life's rough.

I finally discovered the paradise that is Carrefour, the French-owned Jordanian version of Walmart, but without the scent of exploited children in the air. For those who remember my Morocco stories, it's the same company that owns Marjane. They sell fresh mozzarella cheese and brie. And French bread. It's beautiful. I also bought a cheese grater, filling a great void in my life here. The only things they're lacking are Kraft mac and cheese (probably a French objection to American processed food) and toothpicks, so the roommates and I had to go to Safeway in order to complete our homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries for Worker's Day. We're a classy bunch.

Continuing my discussion of food, I find it strange that I've been to Japan, but didn't grow to love sushi until I moved to virtually land-locked Jordan. Better late than never, I suppose. The HoJo's restaurant has all-you-can eat on Tuesday nights. HoJo's is also one of the nicest hotels in Amman. Absurdism is alive and well in the HKJ.

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