22 May 2007

kill them wherever you find them.

(them = the disbelievers. The Holy Qur'an, 2:191)

For your consideration, here is an excerpt from my Islam textbook, unabridged and unedited (much to the dismay of my inner grammarian):

"There are many organizations behind promoting securlarism in the entire world, particularly in the Islamic World, among them being the free Masons movement, which eventually wants to abstain all people from their religions, then to let Zionism control the world, as is visible today.

This movement refers to the hill Zion, (one of the mountains on which Jerusalem was built), it is a Jewish, colonial, and political movement which was arose in Basel, Switzerland, in 1897 by Theodore Hertzel.

From the start, the movement sought to achieve a Jewish majority in Palestine and to establish a Jewish state on as much of the land as possible.

They succeeded in the passing of the Balfour Declaration on November 2, 1917, this declaration gives Palestine to the Jews to be their National Land.

This movement is one of the main and most dangerous movements on the earth, they have their own secret protocols, on which they intend to corrupt the entire world, and then to let the Jews control it.

Later on, these secret protocols were came to light, most of what was mentioned in them was really implemented, and we, everyday, see other implementation of these protocols.

This movement has made a great effort to control the world by media, money, and women. Then they established their lobbies in the most powerful countries, such as Britain, then in US. After that they simply controlled the main foreign policy of such countries, and then most of countries.

In addition to Muslims, the western countries are paying the price for any decision they took against the Jews. Germany, for instance, is still paying money to Israel for the Holocaust which claimed to be happened to the Jews during the 2nd World War.

The main effect of Zionism on Muslim Ummah [community] is the division between it, and the entire backwardness in most religious and moral aspects, simply because it is the secularism which is promoted instead of the Islamic values and principles."

(Al-Majali, Muhammad Khazir. Islamic Culture and Thought, The Conservation of the Holy Qur'an Society. Faculty of Islamic Studies - University of Jordan, 2006: 148-9.)

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