09 May 2007

the future of freedom.

Three reasons you should go read Fareed Zakaria's The Future of Freedom right now.

1. The entire two chapters on how the democratization of American politics created the current state of affairs dominated by special interests.

2. "But things have moved from one extreme to the other. Thoes who have resorted to such cultural stereotypes, the "Orientalists," that been suceeded by a new generation of politically correct scholars who will not dare to ask why it is that Arab countries seem stuck in a very different social and political milieu than the rest of the world. Nor is there any self-criticism in this world. Most Arab writers are more concerned with defending their national honor against the pronoucements of dead Orientalists than with trying to understand the predicament of the Arab world."

3. "The solution is less democracy, not more."

Seriously. It's fascinating. Makes you look at the world in an entirely new way, especially the section on the role of elites in American society. This coming from a girl who can count the number of nonfiction books she's read for fun on one hand, so you know it must be good.

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