10 April 2007

something vague that we're not seeing.

I went to Aqaba and my neighbor's engagement party last week, but I already wrote about that and saved it on my computer, so I'll post it when I'm at school tomorrow. I'm not moving to Doha next year - Fulbright rejected me, so good riddance and hello rural Africa (in sha allah - still waiting to hear back from Peace Corps). Matt's leaving in two days, which is sad for many reasons, the least of which is that I am now the lone non-smoker in what we've affectionately deemed our derka family. As a parting gift, however, he took Candace and I to AMIDEAST to talk to his boss about getting jobs there now and for the summer, and she's excited about having more english and SAT/TOEFL prep teachers. And she pays real money, which is even better. Speaking of jobs, Candace teaches ballet for little kids at a center here, and her boss may hire me to teach the "Creative Kids" class she started but is now too busy to teach. It's a modern/lyrical/interpretative hodgepodge of creativity and imagination with small children. Anything to get back into dance, I miss it.

Since it's spring break, I haven't been to radical Islam in a week. It's been fabulous. So here's a useless Arabic word pair for the week instead of an infuriating quote. Nadama means "to regret or feel remorse," and tanaadama means "to drink with others." This language is great.

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