12 April 2007

mostly, the view is accurate.

On my way over to Matt's for his last night, I had the best cab driver ever. We got stuck in traffic for a royal motorcade some 30 cars long, and he launched into a tirade about wealth disparities in Jordan:

"They have so much money, so many cars and big houses, and some people don't have food, medicine, houses. Spoiled princesses. It's good that we all live togetherm, in the same place. Everyone works hard, what makes them special? I'll tell you what's good about not having money. No one follows you, no one stares at you. You can just live."
As I took my poor, non-royal self out of his cab, a car of Saudi men (as evidenced by the license plate, I'm not stereotyping) drove by staring, and the one in the back hung out the window to make a valiant attempt to grab my ass. Money or white skin, either one appears to warrant *special* attention.

Funny story about Ramen noodles over here (yes, I eat them regularly) - they all come with 3 - 4 seasoning packets. Some oil, some broth powder, some chili flakes, and maybe some soy sauce. The HKJ is just a fancier place, I suppose.

Pictures from the engagement party are ready for your perusal. Quote of the week from Radical Islam: "On the day of Judgment, the Jewish savior will be the Muslim antichrist." I'm paying him for this.

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