19 April 2007

cute knut.

My favorite city in the world now has yet another reason to love it - Knut the polar bear cub. He was born at the Berlin Zoo in December and subsequently rejected by his mother. Just google him and revel in the adorableness. There are videos on youtube too.

Radical Islam quote of the week: "[explaining an Arabic term for illness in reference to a fictional Muslim man]...like cancer, AIDS - well, not AIDS since he's not a homosexual." It was a close tie with a lengthy lecture on how Israel kills civilians too, so it's not our place to condemn suicide terrorists. I beg to differ, but then I do hold the radical view that murder is wrong.

The Amman International Dance Festival starts tonight. I'm so excited!

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Jelly Doughnut said...

Knut is ├╝bercute. I will blow him a kiss for you when I visit next weekend. He just cut a new tooth (in German they say "broke a tooth," so I was a bit confused at first why Knut was out sick for a couple of days). They grow up so fast...seems like only yesterday he was gumming his fish biscuits.