07 March 2007

that just doesn't make sense.

This is absurd. People are seriously considering suppressing a vaccine for cancer in their zeal to perpetuate false ideas about sex education.

Quote of the week from Islam class: "Homosexuality is like terrorism." Over the course of the 90 minute lecture, I was torn between vomiting, storming from the room, or punching him on behalf of the (at least) one homosexual person in the room and the countless others elsewhere that I love and respect. I love the first amendment dearly, but he doesn't fall under its provisions (and doesn't want to, apparently), nothing requires me to listen, and I'm paying (an obscene amout of money) to be here. It's not so much that he's saying these revolting things, but more that he is touted as a leader and visionary in his field, and is respected and encouraged by the administration of the largest university in one of the most "moderate" Islamic states.

Second lesson from class: Osama bin Laden had nothing to do with the September 11 attacks. It was the US government and intelligence communities who killed 3000 of their own civilians. Bin Laden and other extremists don't represent him and other Muslims because they can't vote for their leaders, but Bush represents the totality of Americans and the West (including the millions who didn't vote for him and spent a great deal of time campaigning for the other guy) because we have that democracy that we hold in such high esteem. Last I checked, Jordan hadn't rejected its rather generous aid package, yet my country is the one with the double standards. I have felt the urge to defend the Bush Administration, the Department of Defense, the US military, and even Christianity in this class, a feat which I'm sure most of you never imagined you'd witness.

I have never, in my life, been more proud to be an American than when I have the privilege to stand up in a public forum and disagree with its policies while defending the values I hold most dear.

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