15 March 2007

snow day.

That's right, it's snowing/hailing in al-sharq al-owsat. And not just a little - it's sticking, and the university cancelled class. Plowing hasn't really caught on here, so the streets are full of slush, which makes walking really fun. And taxi drivers seem to have embraced the day off as well, so getting to work today was quite a challenge. I'll post pictures on Sunday when I have my laptop at school - it's a pretty sizeable amount for anyone, but particularly for a Florida girl living in what is supposed to be a desert. Yesterday, we got our first hint of the storm when it rained, hailed, and snowed simultaneously. On the hilly streets, that means a rushing river of near-freezing water. It's great, nothing like wading through icy filth. We've also had some brief power outages around town, so life is pretty grand right now.

On a brighter note, yesterday was Pi Day/Einstein's birthday. We celebrated with some Domino's (delivered, with directions given to the driver entirely in Arabic, nonetheless) and a lengthy discussion of geopolitics and obscure triva. For your consideration:

1. What do Lichenstein and Uzbekistan have in common?
2. Name the five countries that end in the letter "L."
3. Write the names of all fifty states in six minutes or less.
4. There are 14 punctuation marks in English. Name them.

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