04 March 2007

declarations of faith.

From my favorite reformed Christian:

Speaking of faith, my Arabic teacher is now convinced that I deserve to be in her class. I'm not the type to comment on every minute point solely to hear the sound of my voice, so I don't speak up as often as some. We had to do oral presentations on important thinkers (I used my future president, Barack), and she was absolutely shocked and impressed to discover that I was able to communicate quite proficiently in Arabic. Truth be told, so was I. Perhaps I have been learning something over these past three years.

There was a total lunar eclipse last night. America may have better food, gender relations, traffic laws, and a comprehensible language, but the full eclipse was best seen from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East, so take that. I'll post some pictures once I get them from Matt since my camera's battery conveniently died. It was gorgeous.

I got my hair cut. By an openly gay Jordanian man in painfully snug women's pants, nonetheless. It was great. Candace found him, and he apparently loves cutting straight, fine "white" hair (Arab women have very thick, curly hair), so I managed a successful first foreign haircut experience without a hideous mishap. I miss the UC and having gay men in my life.

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Joey said...

Duh.. we miss you, too. ;) -J