13 March 2007

america the beautiful.

As I write, a small group of Iraqi refugees (quite possibly my neighbors) are staging a peaceful demonstration outside the UNHCR office. Nothing violent or even loud, they're just making their presence known and, I suppose, reminding the UN of its commitment to refugees. My first Jordanian demonstration! This is exciting - I saw a few in Israel last summer, and they're definitely a spunkier bunch, but I respect peaceful gatherings. Aaah, the sweet smell of freedom of assembly, as brought to you by the infidels!

Speaking of American values, I think I may have distilled the true essence of American exceptionalism. It's not some abstract notion of "freedom" or "democracy," since many more people than would care to admit secretly crave such absurd privileges. It's peanut butter. No one else seems to love it the way we do. I brought some apples (Granny Smith, of course - a little more expensive to import, but worth every penny) and a jar of peanut butter to eat for lunch at work, and everyone in the office was just appalled at the notion of combining the two, let alone that I like peanut butter enough to lick the knife clean. I share my office with an Italian woman, my desk with a visiting Iraqi, and our boss is a German, and all three attest to the fact that this is an American peculiarity. So there you have it. Mystery solved, it's the peanut butter that makes us just a little different.

PS. Candace's parents are visiting, and they brought me and Matt each a jar of Jif. It's fabulous. No more potentially salmonella-infected Peter Pan for me! They also keep feeding us, which is even better. I love the Sharrows.


Jelly Doughnut said...

Be careful what you wish for...I missed peanut butter desperately when I moved here to Germany. I wrote a post about it. I have received about a dozen jars of Jif since then. I mean, I love peanut butter and everything. But that stuff costs a lot to ship!

Of course, all of the jars are gone now...


Anonymous said...

IT'S PEANUT BUTTER JELLY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay, I'm done now :)