08 February 2007

"the middle east is full of crazy people."

Highlights from some of the more ridiculous cab rides I've taken lately.

Middle-aged driver: You are from Florida? I went there once - Tampa, Miami, Orlando. What city?
J: Orlando.
D: Disney World! I love the Magic Kingdom. The movie with the glasses where the things fly at you - it's like it's happening really. And the space mountain. I want to go to Orlando again.

Old man driver: [turns on Arabic news] All the news Iraq, Iraq, Iraq, all the time.
...[headlines about Bush's budget, Fatah and Hamas, and Syria]
D: The Syrian President is crazy. He say he bring peace to Iraq. If he can make it, why he wait?
J: [appropriate laughter]
D: The Middle East is full of crazy people. You know why? They eat too much falafel.

Young creepy driver: I give you my telephone number, you call me if you need taxi. Call anytime.
J: [nervous laugh] Shokran.
D: You call me now so I have your number?
J: Thanks, but I'll call you when I need a cab.
D: You are from America? I need to find American woman for marry so I can get passport.
J: [nervous laugh]
D: I give you $10,000 to take me to America.
J: [nervous laugh] I don't think my father would like that.

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Jelly Doughnut said...

Is there such a thing as too much falafel?