15 February 2007

the american dream.

Pictured above is the stunning cake my friends baked and I decorated in honor of our Valentine's Day chocolate potluck and (belatedly) Barack Obama's official announcement of his candidacy for the Democratic Presidential nomination. Although the bananas backfired as a decorating material, our love transcends our lacking artistic skills. If you haven't read The Audacity of Hope yet, you should. It drags a bit in the middle, and I'm not inclined to endorse his "Faith" chapter, but I'm still on board 100%. He offers a refreshing realistic idealism and (dare I say it?) hope for our country's potential. Ohib Barack kathiran.

I know not all of you love Barack (or even liberals), so here's a fun restaurant we can all enjoy. I'm not even quite sure what they were aming for. I can't help but think there's good money to be made in the translation business here if I could just convince the Jordanians. Our favorite convenience store, Seven Brothers, gave us a sand filled vase as a present that reads "7 Borthers Stor." They sell ginger ale though, so I can silence my inner grammarian for the cause.

My Arabic class thus far has been interesting and educational, albeit depressing. We've had a lesson entitled "Kayfa maat al-nas?" (How do people die?) where we learned a dozen words to describe death (including drowning, burning, suffocation, suicide, execution, assassination, and martyrdom), another on natural disasters, and today we learned important vocabulary words like vengeance, extremist, suicide operations, explosives, and refugees. Arabic also has twenty words for love, in varying degrees, but I only know one. I know we're focusing on media Arabic here, but honestly! No wonder everyone sounds angry all the time.

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