19 January 2007

wild jordan.

At long last, here I am! Cambridge and London were fabulous, and now I'm sitting in the nature conservation association's free internet cafe (tree hugging is alive and well across the pond!), which features a mind-blowing selection of vegetarian entrees - I never expected to encounter tofu and veggie burgers over here. I'll post a real update on my adventures soon, but Jordan is defying expectations thus far. I should have a cell phone shortly, but since it's Friday, there's not much open until the evening. Pictures coming soon(ish) too, but I start orientation soon, so we'll see how much free time I have. Until then, salaam!

PS. There's a town called Petropavlovsk in northern Kazakhstan. And here I was, so proud to have been to Siberia. I'm going to try to visit Kazakhstan this summer with a friend, we may have to detour through there just to say we did.


Jelly Doughnut said...

You know you'll want to visit Berlin after Kazakhstan! Best. City. Ever!

Tea said...

That's awesome, you'll have to post some authentic Jordanian vegetarian recipes.