29 November 2006

here i dreamt i was a soldier.

Yours truly has officially been nominated for Peace Corps service. Things are still subject to change, and I have to be medically cleared for service, but if all goes according to plan, I'll be working on an HIV/AIDS education and prevention program somewhere in non-French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa (country to be determined). This is pretty much my dream program, and it finally feels like my life plans are falling into place. If you have any questions or doubts about why I want to do this, go watch the documentary A Closer Walk, then talk to me.

On the topic of foreign countries, I booked a plane ticket today. I'm really going to Jordan (and as many other countries as possible) and not coming back to America until August 13. Side note: I find it rather morbid that I need to prove that my insurance will cover "repatriation of remains" in the event I meet a gruesome fate overseas. Practical, sure, but it certainly conjures up some unpleasant scenarios.

In the meantime, I'll get a slight international fix with a pre-Christmas cruise with five of my favorite people in the world. Six over-achieving, ambitious, overextended college students set loose in international waters fresh from final exams. MTV's Real World, are you watching?

And for your daily dose of community service, I just discovered a less cliched and more practical way to "support the troops" than putting a yellow ribbon on your bumper. Any Soldier distributes care packages and letters to troops overseas, focusing on those who don't get mail from loved ones back home. Snacks and letters beat the pants off magnetic ribbons anyday. I'm putting one together with the girls on my floor as a holiday/service themed program so we can all go home for the holidays with a warm, fuzzy respect for those who can't.

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Jelly Doughnut said...

Congratulations! The world needs more people like you.