16 November 2006

all politics is local.

While similar iniatives were shot down across the United States, South Africa, not historically regarded as a nation on the cutting edge of civil liberties, recently legalized same-sex unions, making it the first nation in Africa to do so. A provision allows religious leaders to refuse to perform ceremonies in the event of moral objections, and there is a concern that the move does not represent the will of the majority, but I say go South Africa! On that topic, my Peace Corps interview is next week. If things go according to plan, I'll be somewhere in East or Southern Africa when the World Cup comes to South Africa in 2010. Who wants to join me?

In other news, go watch season 7 of The West Wing. In addition to a young, female, Arabic-speaking top tier national security advisor working in the White House, a moderate pro-choice and eco-friendly California Senator runs as the Republican candidate for President and gets in trouble with the right for not attending church (swoon). He's not an Austrian body builder, but he is named Arnold. Is this our future? I can only hope - I'd love to see a win-win Presidential race in 2008.

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