10 September 2006

must be strangely exciting to watch the stoic squirm.

In Arabic recently, I discovered that I was unable to say that I sold my ticket to the football game, but had no trouble discussing Iranian President Ahmadinejad's challenging Bush to a foreign policy debate, as well as the generally sorry state of US-Iranian relations, Iran's nuclear program, and the United Nations' (and the American veto's) role in said program. I know I'm studying this language in hopes of a career in diplomacy, but seriously, this seems a bit absurd.

While indulging my recent fixation with the BBC, I stumbled across this interesting, but disturbing, article on the border "tourism" that has developed in Israel as curious citizens come to visit the site of the recent war. Perhaps a bit morbid, but I can accept the curiosity. What's heartbreaking are the interviews with the citizens of the area and their conceptions of themselves and those on the other side. I've asked who are we to abandon hope for peace just because it will take hard work, but this makes me wonder if I really am as naive as I've been told. I hope not.

Secret of the Week:

Slowly but surely. You don't know it, but thank you.

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