03 August 2006

there are many things that i would like to say to you.

...but i don't know how
because maybe you're gonna be the one that saves me.

I apologize for the tone and hostility in that last post. I was angry (still am) and wanted someone to know without having to take it out on someone in particular. I'm not giving up on the Middle East or Arabic, but I am staying out of the UF Administration-Nakba '48/Arabic Cultural Association/Students for a Humane Society confrontation. Thank you to everyone who offered an opinion on the matter - it didn't go unheard, no matter how much it may seem so.

In happier news, our trip to the Aran Islands was as breathtaking as we'd imagined it would be (the pictures are slowly but surely being posted - entertain yourself with Paris in the meantime). After carefully loading up extra jackets, raingear, a change of clothes, and even putting on socks and close-toed shoes, we arrived on the island to be greeted by one of the most beautiful days I've ever seen, not just in Ireland, but worldwide. Cool, blue but cloudy skies to dim the sun, and a gorgeous ocean breeze made for ideal biking weather. We rented bikes and set out to explore the largest of the Aran Islands. With more bikes than people on the island, we weren't the only ones. It works out splendidly, since you can leave your bike anywhere, go hiking for an hour, and come back to find it untouched. Everyone already has one, so there's no theft problem. We hiked up to the lighthouse and fort on the highest part of the island, where we ate a picnic lunch and got carried away with macro photography and wildflowers. We biked onward to the fort ruins on the edge of a cliff (they have a name, but it's Irish and complicated, and I can't remember, spell, or pronounce it) and hiked up there to lay on the cliffs and peek over the edge. A few tourists blow off every year, so everyone crawls to the edge to avoid being "that" person. It's frightening, but stunningly beautiful. I'm loving Ireland more every day - hard to believe tomorrow is my last full day before I fly back to reality in the states.

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