14 August 2006

strike one against germany.

As you well know, I love Germany. My love for Berlin introduced me to another Jessica who also loves Berlin, so much, in fact, that she moved there to teach English. And, coincidently, is also a Hoosier by birth. She's quite witty, so now that my life has resumed relative normalcy in Gainesville, if you need a "living abroad vicariously" fix, I highly recommend her blog.

I fell in love with Berlin because I haven't seen anything like it anywhere else in the world. Apparently, the Germans also have a monopoly on some uniquely outdated and inconvenient, but utterly hilarious, toilet technology. I suggest you read it where people won't stare at you for laughing at your computer.

And for my classier readers, who believe toilet humor is beneath them, Matt has unleashed his inner Nietzsche. Then strike a balance with the intellectual humor of McSweeney's. Then stop fooling around online and do something productive.

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