18 August 2006

pandora's other box.

I know I've completely stopped posting anything from my own head, but I'm drowning in RA training for the next week. I'd like to continue blogging (less frequently and less prolifically than I did this summer, however!) during the semester, but we'll see how that goes. This may become "Jessica's forays into the frightening and bewildering world of organized religion" as curiosity gets the best of me and I grow disgusted with my own ignorance.

In the meantime, the Music Genome Project's Pandora may very well be the greatest music website ever (as well as the best named). Just type in the name of your favorite band or artist, and it creates a playlist of songs by other artists with similar qualities. You can approve or reject the songs it picks, further shaping your station, and also add more artists to expand the playlist. Aside from talented friends (scroll down to listen), this is my new favorite way to expand my (admittedly narrow) musical horizons.

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