15 July 2006


Unfortunately, and against the wishes of all of the participants, GMU has decided to officially cancel our program. Yehuda is trying to rearrange our Jordan trip so we can go on Monday and Tuesday, and as of now, we're all booked on a flight back to the states on Wednesday night, arriving Thursday. Erin and I are going back to Haifa tomorrow to pack our things and say goodbye to our internships, and continuing to stay in Tel Aviv until we either go to Jordan on Monday or fly back on Wednesday. Yehuda will be negotiating with the GMU legal department to see if there is a way for participants to stay here with no connections to the program and release GMU from any liability. If that's the case, we are all committed to staying in Jerusalem and/or Tel Aviv without going any further north. We'll know tomorrow night whether we're going to Jordan or not, and Monday night if we have any chance of staying here until the end. If things work out, I won't be back until August, otherwise I'll see everyone next week.

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