10 July 2006

sunrise, sunset.

It's been a slow day at the office. Visaka is touring in Tel Aviv with Hagit and everyone is on the phone in Hebrew working on their own projects. I compiled scholarly research on 1325 all day - fortunately, there's plenty of it to go around. Rita and Tamla had a twenty minute screaming match about something in Hebrew. I was just sitting at my desk in the corner trying to be invisible - it was awkward, to say the least. I have no idea what they were fighting about, but Tamla ended up storming into the other room in a fit of rage. Not something you normally see around an American office - most people take it outside or into a private room. Tamla came back in a while later and gave Rita a hug and a kiss, and they had a quiet conversation in Hebrew. I think they apologized to each other because they went back to working in the same room. A little office politics to liven up the day. Tamla's stressing about last minute conference details, and she sat down at the computer next to me and said she hates the world. I told her to think about puppies and the cats who live outside our office window, and she was amused. Since I can't be of any use with the Hebrew planning, at least I can entertain my coworkers as the silly American. One of the cats slipped in through the window and wandered around the office until Rita fed it some cottage cheese on the windowsill, and the other two came out of nowhere to beg. I'm glad they're being fed - I've been tempted to bring them something since the first day, but I wasn't sure if it was kosher (no pun intended). Just like in the States, progressive issues seem to go together - these feminists also appear to be animal rights supporters. Tamla spent the afternoon panicking about the conference - it seems the woman who was supposed to organize the bus for the Haifa women to take to Jerusalem neglected to plan it correctly, so now she's trying to find a way to get everyone there on Wednesday. Since I don't speak Hebrew, I can't even help, which makes me feel really good about myself while she's flipping out and talking simultaneously on two phones. I really hope everything goes off smoothly on Wednesday, if only for her sake!

Boo Italy. I just may boycott the gelato shop tonight. Probably not though. With 120 flavors and only three weeks left, I don't have time for petty feuds. Ramallah and Jerusalem tomorrow and Wednesday for the conference, so there probably won't be an update until Thursday morning unless I find some free wireless tomorrow night. Pictures from the weekend are posted (for real this time), including our mud adventures.

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