13 July 2006


At approximately 8 PM (1 PM EST), a rocked fired by Hezbollah in southern Lebanon hit central Haifa. Erin and I were in Tiberius visiting the Sea of Galilee for the afternoon, and were en route back to Haifa when it happened, so we were safe. We're in Tel Aviv with our professor for the night, and we'll be figuring out the future of the trip in the morning. I'll do my best to keep everyone posted via this blog since I don't have my computer with email addresses and regular access to email. Until then, shalom and salaam.


Claire said...

Stay safe. I found your blog a week or so ago and am loving your perspective on the Middle East. I'll be checking back very regularly to make sure you're doing ok.

Justin said...

Stay safe! I know you are loving this.

mbn said...

Keep safe Jess. I'm pretty sure you don't believe in the whole "God thing" but I'm praying for you anyways.

Miss you. Take care of yourself.

Joey said...

Jess, stay safe.. and like I said before, if you need a place to crash to escape the madness, this little emerald isle is pretty nice. :) -J