22 June 2006

and an even greater respect for photographers.

An America Dancer Photoessay:

Standing in front of the Communist propaganda mural outside the former Nazi Air Force Ministry, Sarah relates the building's history to her tour group:
During dress rehearsal for Side of Splendour, Sarah adjusts to performing in her costume under the venue's bright lights:
Overcoming her stage fright, Sarah runs across the front of the floor as her fellow performers dance in the background:
In keeping with German tradition, Sarah and the rest of the cast light sparklers during the opening night reception at Dock-11:
Sarah and Clint, the show's choreographer, share a celebratory champagne toast after a sold-out opening night performance:
Rain or shine, Sarah recruits participants for her tour outside the Brandenberg Gate Starbuck's. Working only for tips, her livelihood depends on the number of participants she is able to attract:
Pointing out that the signs on the cobblestone line running through Berlin all face the West, Sarah explains that reunification has not gone as smoothly as many hoped:
Livening up the tour in hopes of earning better tips, Sarah adds a theatrical flair to her telling of the history of the Brandenburg Gate:
At the end of the tour, Sarah helps several of her participants navigate the tram system back to their hotel:
Sarah pours free beer for arriving pub crawlers before finally returning home for the night:

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Anonymous said...

Hey Duce,

Just letting you know I've been enjoying reading your blog. Thanks for the comments you've posted on mine.

I don't have any particularly relevant thoughts about your blog posts at the moment.

Although I am confused. Why are you writing about this dancing girl? Do you know her somehow? Did you take all these pictures?

Hope to hear from you soon. Take care of yourself in the Promised Land.

much love,