27 June 2005

Berber Love stories, part 2.

Well, our lovestruck desert girls (and chaperones) have all returned safely from the Sahara. They went to a Berber wedding, but fortunately, none of them were in it. They actually ended up having a pretty amazing trip- they went to the houses of the men they'd met, and met their families, ate large homemade meals, and got invited to a traditional Berber wedding ceremony, which they said was beautiful. One of the guys in our group, Demetrius, who's African American, was quite the hit with the dark skinned Berbers. Apparently, they tried to find him a wife, but failed. Pity...would have made for a great story!

In other news- tonight, Leila, the fabulous maid who runs the villa, gave us cooking lessons! About six of us helped with the preparations for a chicken tajine, and another eight people helped eat it. It was a lot of peeling and chopping of potatoes, onions, garlic, parsley, carrots, tomatos, and other seasonings, then we sort of sat back and watched Leila do the cooking while she taught us dirty words in Arabic. But, we wrote down the recipe (as accurately as possible, considering our Arabic vocabulary), so perhaps I'll give it a try back home. It was definitely the best tajine we've eaten here. She's had a few lessons in the past, and we've been tortured with the amazing smells coming out of the kitchen, so it was fabulous to finally partake in the deliciousness!

And one last cultural oddity- today in class, our professor was trying to explain the word for "continent," and he said there were 5 in the world. We couldn't figure out what he was talking about, so he finally got exasperated and told us the answer. Apparently, in Morocco, North and South America are one continent, and Antartica just doesn't count. Who'da thunk? On the bright side, it makes my goal of visiting all the continents that much closer- just one left!

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Caitlin said...

Hey!!! the fbi called me today...scared the crap out of me! lol. anyway, they are gonna set up an interview with me so i guess that's good news for ya! Btw, i'm jealous that you got to feed monkies!
Hope the rest of your trip is good.
See ya in gville!